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Q & A: Cavalry FC’s Julian Büscher talks career highlights, training with Zlatan and more

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Cavalry FC’s German midfielder Julian Büscher landed in Calgary two weeks ago to begin training for the inaugural season of the Canadian Premier League.

The 25-year-old has played in Major League Soccer with D.C. United and with LA Galaxy’s reserve team, and made appereances for the German national team at youth level. Büscher spoke to Total Soccer Project a day after he arrived in Calgary:

Welcome to Calgary. How did you end up signing for Cavalry FC?

“Tommy knew my old college coach, from when I played in up-state New York with Syracuse (University),” said Cavalry FC’s Julian Büscher. “They talked and ‘oh, Julian is available. He’s standing with the Galaxy now in L.A.’  He said,’we have this new project coming up. Are you excited to be a part of it?’ Then I got in touch with them and it all worked out.”

What kind of midfielder are you? An attacker or defender?

“I wouldn’t put a name on me. Since the modern game, you have to do, kind of, both. You have to be technical. But there’s no player that has the freedom except top, top players. They can just do attack and have a good time. They don’t need to defend. I kind of have to do both.

“I think more technical. I like to play. But, also, I have the German work ethic. It comes altogether.”

Have you been to Calgary before?

“I’ve never been (to Calgary). I’ve been to Banff two years ago for vacation. But that’s about it. I got to see the cold a little bit and the beautiful landscape.”

What challenges have you faced in your career?

“It was nice to come (to North America) to get a college education. And then doing it all by yourself, of going into the MLS, playing a little bit, experiencing it. Would have been nice someone to be doing a similar kind of path with you at the same time, because you’re kind of far away from home and alone. And all the decisions, you obviously do by yourself.

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“The challenge is always being far away from home and family. But in the same time, drives you to do the things you do actually right. Because if you’re so far away, might as well do it right.”

What are your career highlights so far?

“Playing MLS, for sure. Played my first away game against the Galaxy. We won there with D.C. United. That was cool. Scored in the Concacaf (Champions) League, that was cool.

“Playing for the national team in Germany in youth, for me as a little boy was a massive highlight.

“Playing with Zlatan (Ibrahimovic) at Galaxy, training with him training with those people is kind of good experience. Ex-World Cup winners there.”

What was it like training with Zlatan Ibrahimovic?

“He came and I was fortunate to train with him the whole time. So, it was kind of fun to see him around. He’s very down-to-earth to the smaller guys I guess, but to the big guys he’s making sure he’s the boss. He’s ensuring everybody knows. And the people do. We all know.

“You came at 6 in the morning, and he was there. He was always the longest day. He had his own training staff. It was incredible to see, but it takes a lot of hard work to get there.”

The Canadian Premier League is a new professional soccer league set to kick off in April 2019. Cavalry FC is Calgary’s club and will play its home games at Spruce Meadows.



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